QR Codes in Real Estate

QR codes are a valuable tool for real estate professionals. They are enticing to homebuyers and provide a built-in method of tracking the performance of different advertising tools. The codes are also inexpensive and simple to use. Placing QR codes in the right locations will help you maximize these advantages.

QR Codes provide an easy way to learn about property listings

If you’re a real estate agent, you should consider the advantages of placing a QR code on your property’s sign. Potential homebuyers frequently will drive by properties in which they are interested before they call an agent. Even if the front of the house is not impressive, you can attract sales and attention by placing a QR code prominently on the sign and linking it to a compelling website. A home that has little curb appeal but that has a luxurious backyard or large indoor spaces benefits from a website with photos of these advantages as well as a virtual tour. You can also use QR codes to trigger a request for an e-mail containing data about the property, which is a good method for generating leads.

If you are advertising your real estate brokerage services, a well-placed QR code is a cheap way to maximize your ad’s potential. QR codes in real estate can link to your website or a page showcasing all of your current listings. They can also be used to show potential clients testimonials from satisfied clients or a FAQ for buying and selling.

QR codes can be strategically placed inside the home during an open house. For example, if the fixtures in the kitchen are high end, a QR code can link to the manufacturer’s website or a Consumer Report’s summary of their benefits. You can place a QR code at the pool house linking to a list of other homes you are listing that have pools. Often potential homebuyers will like a particular feature of a home, such as a pool, but not follow up with the agent because of the home’s drawbacks. Using a QR code to highlight desirable features allows you to keep those prospects interested. QR codes can also be used to quickly join email lists for newly available properties.

Make sure that you use QR codes intelligently. If you are going to link to photos of the home or a virtual tour, confirm that those features can be displayed on most mobile phones. There’s no point in linking a QR code to a page that cannot be easily viewed in a mobile browser – it will frustrate customers and reduce the home’s appeal. It is also important to track the use of your QR codes. A quality QR code analytics tool will let you track how many people scan your codes, which locations they scan from, and how they use the embedded links.


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Free QR Code eBook

Download our free eBook The Complete Guide to QR Codes.
Just enter your email address below to get the pdf download link.