QR Code Management, Tracking and Reporting

Create, customize, manage and track multiple QR Code campaigns all with the industry’s most comprehensive and user friendly QR Code tracking system. 

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Manage Your QR Code Campaign

Monitor your QR code campaign by tracking and managing it using realtime analytics data. Use interactive reports to view tracking data, pageviews, bounce rates, device types, and GPS locations of your users. Update your dynamic QR codes anytime and change the destination of your scan on a specific date or after a certain number of scans, even after your code is printed!  


Track your campaign scans as they happen. Monitor all of your campaigns easily in one interface, and compare the success of different locations and methods. Use unique scan reports to differentiate and accurately count individual scans.


Back up your advertising decisions with up-to-the-minute data that shows where each of your QR codes was scanned and drill down to country, state, city and even street level using our interactive mapping tool.

Devices and OS

Customize your landing pages better when you know which devices and operating systems users are using to access your sites. Interactive graphs showing the breakdown between specific device type, phone model and operating system.

Page Views

See which campaign generates the most page views using your page views report, which tells you how many pages each visitor viewed per visit, as well as the average page views per visitor.

Time on Site

Track how much time users spend on your landing pages with time-on-site reports. Compare traffic sources and campaign styles to find your best QR code campaign strategy. Determine which content holds visitors’ attention.

Content Overview

See the site activity for individual users with the content overview report, which includes time spent on pages and which pages were viewed. Compare pages viewed for additional insight.


Compare your progress to your main objective for your campaign in an intuitive interface. Each time a user completes your goal task, such as making a purchase or signing up for a mailing list, it will be reflected on your goals reports.

Bounce Rate

Use your bounce rate report to find your most effective QR campaign strategy. A low bounce rate means viewers are engaged by your content and view more than one page on your site. Discover what advertising sources give you a low bounce rate. Be alerted early to pages that drive visitors away from your site.

Dynamic Codes

Dynamic QR codes work with our exclusive short URL (qr.ly) that can be automatically redirected at any time to any site without changing the original QR code. This extends the life of the code and gives you complete control behind-the-scenes.

Mobile Reporting

See all your reports from the convenience of your mobile device, allowing you to keep track of your campaigns from anywhere and make decisions on the go.

Email Notification

Review your daily, weekly, or monthly dashboard report from your email account, or receive an instant email alert at a preset number of scans.


Plan campaigns with reliable data using information from prior QR code scans. Learn what media types your users prefer and view trends over time. Compare landing-page content and custom QR codes across different campaigns to find the one that generates the best user response.

QR Code Management Made Easy

Using our QR code analytics system, create easy-to-scan and track QR codes with multiple URL shorteners including our exclusive qr.ly shortcode. Easily change your destination URL dynamically without altering your QR code, allowing you to save advertising dollars. Save gif, png, pdf, and jpj files of your QR code, and change its error correction rate, color, and size whenever necessary.

QR Codes with logos

Customize your QR code with your company logo. Use our QR code generator to embed your company logo, even change your QR code colors to better fit your company branding.


Keep your QR codes small and easy to scan with our exclusive shortURL qr.ly. The shorter the URL is, the smaller the QR Code and we have the shortest shortURL in the business!

Event Scheduling

Create campaigns for special events using our QR code campaign software. Set up destination URLs that will automatically update at a preset time or date. URLs can also automatically update after a preset number of scans.

Campaign Groups

Sort and classify all your campaign’s groups using our campaign groups tool. Use png and eps formats to batch export barcodes to better manage your user base.

QR Codes for PURL’s

Use csv files to easily and quickly create files of QR codes in bulk for PURLs. Choose whether or not to track PURL campaigns based on your project’s needs.

Batch QR Codes

Create batch QR code campaigns if you use Pro or Enterprise. Our program will generate QR codes from csv files for multiple campaigns and URLs using the title and URL of each landing page.

Contacts and Events

Create batch QR codes using csv files for vCards, Calendar events, and meCards. This feature is designed for Pro and Enterprise users.


Use API codes to create custom applications that will generate high-quality analytics reports with a trackable QR code. This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise users.

QR Code Tracking Types

Choose a trackable or a non-trackable QR code campaign. Create a trackable campaign with QR codes that link to videos, apps, social media campaigns, and mobile websites. Non-trackable or static QR codes such as SMS, email, meCard, vCard, and other activities aren’t tracked online.

Mobile Websites

When your QR code is scanned, send users directly to your mobile-friendly website and use the tracking code to enhance your campaign with knowledge of user behavior on your website.

Smartphone Apps

Link your QR codes to custom apps that promote your company. Our program is compatible with tablets and smartphones, including iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, Nokias, and others. A default URL ensures all smartphones are accommodated.

Social Media

Capitalize on the benefits of social media and grow your following by creating a QR code campaign that links directly to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok accounts.

Other QR Codes

Create QR codes that support non-trackable activities like emails, vCards, meCards, Tweets, SMS, and others. These codes embed the desired action within the code itself, therefore there is no need to access the internet to function.

Our Advanced QR Code Analytics system gives you the tools to create, track and manage multiple QR Code campaigns all in one place.

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