Innovative Marketing with QR Codes

The saying, “innovate or die” holds true for almost every product. It also applies to marketing methods. QR codes are providing companies with a pathway to innovate. Since QR codes engage consumers more than other methods of transmitting messages, they are rapidly gaining popularity among marketing companies. QR code marketing can be creatively used in many different ways to communicate product message to the customers. Click here to read a few ideas on mobile marketing with QR codes.

  • Wrapping paper: Wrapping paper is the first thing that most people see when receiving a gift. Place a QR code encoded with a message on the paper for the recipient to scan and read. The QR code can also be encoded to redirect to a YouTube video with a personalized message.

  • Sports fields: A sports team can have their QR codes painted on the field for the audience to scan. This code can link to team information, player stats, the official website, and even licensed products. Sponsors can use this technology to raise their companies’ profile during and after the sports event.
  • Coffee cups: QR codes on coffee cups can be used to announce future promotions, distribute coupons, and recommend food and drink pairings.
  • Clubs and bars:  Nightclubs can project a QR code onto the DJ booth each time a new song is played. This code could contain information and where to buy it, as well as a link for instant purchases. Record labels can pay the venue a percentage of each sale that is made during the event.
  • Elevators:  Riders in an elevator are a captive audience. Because of this, many people play with their cell phones during lengthy elevator rides. Adding a QR code to the elevator wall helps your brand stand out.

  • Conference name tags: Instead of exchanging business cards, you can just scan the QR code on name tags to have access to their contact details. Each attendee can control the amount of personal data transmitted. Delegates can also embed the company URL, allowing the name tag to function as a marketing tool.
  • Buses and bus stops: QR codes on the walls of bus shelters are a good way to reach tired and busy commuters. The message can also be placed on the backs of seats, so that each rider will see the QR code upon sitting down.

There are numerous other locations where placing a QR code can hit the right audience at the right time. However, companies should follow a  few do’s and dont’s when using them and be innovative.