Dynamic QR Codes

Maybe you’ve heard of dynamic QR Codes, but what are they? The main distinction between a static QR Code and a Dynamic QR code is that once a static code is published it cannot be modified…ever. The actual website destination is placed directly into the code and cannot be changed, but a Dynamic QR code works with a short URL that can be automatically redirected at any time to any site without changing the original QR code. This option extends the life of the code and enables you to have complete control behind-the-scenes.

Change the destination any time

Although Dynamic QR Codes are not necessarily new, many users are unaware of the benefits they provide. Offering a dynamic functionality to a QR code enables you to reroute the website destination at any given time eliminating any reason to reprint materials which saves a lot of time and money and gives you the opportunity to maintain control of your message.

Once you print a code on a billboard, poster, brochure or newsletter you cannot change it. With a Dynamic QR Code it will not matter. You can redirect the website destination at any time without recreating your marketing or advertising collateral. You can tailor your campaign exactly the way you want without wasting time, money or resources.

Tracking the codes

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic codes can be tracked and managed in real time to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign. Various metrics can be tracked such as device type, page views, location, operating system, and more. 

Back up your advertising decisions with up-to-the-minute data that shows where each of your QR codes was scanned, what time, how often and with what device and operating system. 

To learn more about how this works, visit QR Code Analytics.