8 Great Ways to Use QR Codes

You can create a QR code for just about any marketing material that you can imagine. People use QR codes more each day. QR codes can be printed on paper, tattooed on your skin, etched into plastic or metal, painted onto a storefront, plastered on a billboard, or even frosted onto cupcakes.

QR codes allow beverage manufacturers to interact with their customers.

Here are a few examples of where QR codes can be helpful:

  • Event tickets: Event management companies can have tickets printed with QR codes that tell the event-goer details such as seat numbers, parking, special rules, and food availability.
  • Business cards: By adding a QR code to a business card, businesses can tell customers not only their contact information, but also their location. When clients scan the card’s QR code, their browsers will be redirected to a Google map of the office location. QR codes can also be used to send clients to social networking pages, like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Movie posters: Scanning QR codes from movie posters can redirect the movie buff to the trailer for the movie. It can also provide a link to the online ticket website. The QR code can contain information about the movie. Such information could be a plot outline, characters in the story, and actor biographies.
  • Automobile advertisements: Car manufacturers can use QR codes in their print ads. Since the space is limited, print ads can’t deliver all the information needed to make a car purchase. QR codes allow the company to provide details about the car’s performance, safety, exterior, and interior. QR codes can also be used to send a request for a test drive through either a SMS or the website.
  • Wedding invitations: A QR code allows invitees to go directly to event details. This saves the info even if the invite is lost. QR codes can provide links to the couple’s wedding blog and their registries.
  • Airport check-in: A QR code on a boarding pass allows travelers to check in to their flight and receive their boarding pass automatically through an airport kiosk, rather than waiting in line.
  • Product labels: QR codes on product labels can include manufacturing methods and location, materials used, and washing instructions. Food and beverage companies can use QR codes to link to ingredient lists, complementing products, and recommended recipes.
  • Real estate: QR codes allow real estate agents to maximize the value of curbside advertising. A QR code on a lawn sign can link to the property or broker’s website, a virtual tour of the property, and neighborhood information.

QR codes can be used on magazines, hats, blankets, scarves, stamps, buttons, key chains, mugs, or any other flat surface, large or small. You can track your QR codes’ performance using our analytics tool.


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Free QR Code eBook

Download our free eBook The Complete Guide to QR Codes.
Just enter your email address below to get the pdf download link.