5 Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes

QR codes technology is an exciting business tool that enables you to interact with your customers in ways unlike any other technology. One second interactions have the potential to blossom into long-term relationships that generate a higher response ratio than many other more time consuming advertising tools. Inventory based businesses can use QR codes to rapidly transmit promotional offers to new and existing customers. A well placed QR code linked to a coupon can generate foot and website traffic more cheaply and effectively than direct mail, email, or fliers. Click here for more ways to use QR codes in marketing.

In addition to an increased ability to interact with customers, QR code technology offers businesses varying opportunities to cut advertising costs. QR codes are passed digitally, rendering physical coupons and their accompanying expenses unnecessary. QR codes are a quick, simple and effective tool for delivering a message to the audience. There are some simple methods that any business can use to incorporate QR codes into existing marketing plans. Click here to generate a QR code.

Interaction Cards

Business cards promote your brand and company name, acting as a portable reminder of your business for your customers. Make your business card interactive with a unique QR code. This enables you to pack much more info into your card, such as your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other interactive tools. Since QR codes are saved to the user’s phone, it is less likely that your info will be discarded than with a traditional business card.


Print QR codes on the labels of your products. When your customers examine the label for information about the materials or care of the product, they can use the QR code to find enhanced tips for care of detailed data about where your manufacturing materials come from. This is a great place to feature company policies on consumer hot-buttons like child labor, sustainable manufacturing, or fair trade.You can also use QR codes on clothing labels to highlight complementing items from your collection. For example, a
QR code on the label of a shirt might advertise a complementing pair of jeans or khakis.

Virtual Window Displays

QR codes offer brick-and-mortar businesses a way to interact with customers who drop by after business hours. A QR code on your front door can link to information about your store hours, phone number, holiday closing schedule, and in-store promotions. Allowing customers to interact with your company even if your storefront is closed helps drive sales. It is also a good way to drive traffic to your website, rather than lose the sale to a competitor who may be open for business.


Raise subscription rates to your company newsletter by making it easy to join the mailing list with a click of the smartphone. Design QR codes to allow customers to quickly send email and address data to your company’s server.

Special Offers

Use QR codes to highlight promotional offers. Offer some promotions exclusively through QR codes to heighten consumer excitement. Encouraging consumers to use QR codes allows you to continually reduce your advertising costs.

Using QR codes for promotions, discounts, and giveaways is a good way to engage customers. You can use a QR analytics tool to track your campaign’s success.


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Free QR Code eBook

Download our free eBook The Complete Guide to QR Codes.
Just enter your email address below to get the pdf download link.