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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create fully custom, trackable and dynamic QR Code for your business, try our QR Code generator for free. Create a free account and enjoy all the benefits and features of our QR Code analytics and tracking system.


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A QR Code scanners and readers available on many mobile devices offers a simple and convenient way to obtain real-time information and updates offered by a business. Whether it’s a live event, airline booking or the latest restaurant special, QR Code readers on Smartphones and other devices allow consumers to quickly scan and find the information they are seeking.

QR Code Analytics

QR Code tracking can be an essential part of your marketing efforts, especially if you’re running multiple campaigns. By creating a QR Code through our online QR Code generator with a trackable URL, you’ll be able to easily track user scans. It’s all covered by our QR Code Analytics system – everything from page views and unique scans to the type of scanning device used and GPS location. You can also change the destination URL at any time without changing the QR Code itself (called dynamic qr codes). The type of marketing data generated can help you quickly determine the amount of time spent per visitor spent on your site and identify your online sources of traffic.

QR Code Generator

Our world-class QR Code generator allows you to create and customize unlimited QR Codes with the ability to download and save multiple file types including .jpg, .gif, .png and .pdf. You can also select from various URL shorteners, including our own qr.ly, giving you
the smallest QR Codes possible.


QR Code Scanning​

Mobile device manufacturers have been increasingly offering their products with a QR Code reader already installed. QR Code iPhone apps are plentiful with many designed to also read barcodes. Whether you are displaying QR Codes real estate information or sending wedding invitations, QR Codes are expanding the ability of businesses to seamlessly share information and also enhance their targeted marketing efforts.
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